Alicia Takaoka is a PhD candidate (expected Spring 2021) at University of Hawai`i at Manoa. Current research focuses on the intersections of everyday (or communicative) memory, feminism, and online stigmatization.  Alicia's doctoral research project is a community-based case study that evaluates stigmatization and perceptions about stigmatized individuals in both local and global communities.  As a full time instructor at University of Hawai`i at Hilo, Alicia teaches writing, gender and women’s studies, and university skills and experiential learning classes.  

Areas of specialization and research interests within the human-computer interaction and social informatics disciplines are communicative memory, women in STEM, ethics and information literacy, stigmatization of marginalized groups, online education, asynchronous communication, social media studies, digital humanities, digital preservation, digital storytelling, and digital culture.

Alicia also represents her local chapter of the Internet Society.  She has been sponsored to focus on encryption.  In this role, Alicia received training and will work jointly with her local government and Internet Society Chapter to create a policy geared toward improving encryption in Hawai`i. This follows her brief tenure as a National Science Policy Network Wiki Scientist. For more information about Alicia's current service, research, and publications, continue to other sections of this website. To see additional information, please visit: https://cms.uhh.hawaii.edu/faculty/atakaoka/.


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